" /> Mobile Specialty Trailer - Verizon Wireless Cell Repeater on Wheels

Specialty Trailer – Verizon Cellular Repeater On Wheels (CROW)

Wireless Cell Repeater on Wheels (CROW) – Description

These specialty trailers are typically deployed to a location where cell service is needed to to an emergency such as a city that has lost service due to a natural disaster. If you would like more information about the CROW’s or other specialty trailers please contact us.

Trailer Specifications

  • Steel / galvanized frame
  • Anti-slip deck surface
  • 3500 lbs leaf spring axle with electric brakes
  • Wilburt mast
  • DC powered compressed air system
  • Up to 50ru equipment rack
  • 6500 watt Onan generator
  • LED, DOT lighting
  • Storage and tool box